Magical History Museum

Opened in July 2018, the Magical History Museum on Mathew Street is another essential Beatles stop off point in the heart of Liverpool...

The Magical History Museum on Mathew Street

Situated over five floors displaying over 200 original artifacts belonging to Roag Best, half brother of the band's original drummer Pete and son of Beatles road manager Neil Aspinall. This amazing collection is rotated every year making each visit an exciting new experience for any Beatles fan. To truly understand how this impressive exhibition was amassed you have to go right back to the early days of the band - to 1959.

Pete & Roag Best's mother Mona run the Casbah Coffee Club in the village of West Derby. It was here on 29th August 1959 that John, Paul, George and Ken Brown became their first resident band known as the Quarrymen. So much of their early days can be seen on this floor such as the original Casbah sign (made by Neil Aspinall and of which Coca Cola wanted to buy for a huge fee!) , piano and original drum cases.

The original Casbah Coffee Club sign

It would take me a long time to describe every artifact on display at this museum but the only way to truly discover what is housed in this well lit and displayed museum is to pay a visit. One of my favourite things (and there were many) was the trophy the band gave Mona as a thank you for her support throughout the years - arguably the most famous trophy in the World! Why, I hear you ask? It can be found on the cover of their most famous album - Sgt. Peppers. I'm not telling you where it is but if you visit the museum they will tell you!

As the museum so rightly proclaims, this is "a fab 4 experience" any Beatles fan won't want to to miss.


The Magical History Museum is at 23 Mathew Street, Liverpool. L2 6RE and opening hours are

10am - 7pm 8 days a week!

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