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Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our website contents. Prospective clients or other visitors are urged to ensure by telephone, personal visit or other means to ensure that the facilities which they require are available and that the activities are as scheduled.


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Block seat reservations for some bookings are allowed by contacting our office but no guarantee can be made that seats will be reserved on the night.  Unreserved seats are available on a first come first served basis.

Tickets are not refundable. Pre-ordered tickets must be paid 48 hours before the event. Any tickets unpaid for after that time will be released to the box office for general sale. Tickets cannot be reserved at the venue unless paid for in full in advance, and cheques are not accepted by the venue. 


Disabled access to all our venues but please let our staff know if any special arrangements to be made. as we can arrange these in advance otherwise problems may arise on the night. Contact us for more details.


Food is not served on the premises but snacks are available from behind the bar at the Highcliffe venue. The venue allows hot food to be brought in before the performance starts and we respectfully ask you to dispose of any rubbish in a responsible and thoughtful manner for your fellow table guests. 

Some performers will have a shorter stage set than others. Where this happens, their show will start later than advertised. Please ask at the door on arrival to be given more up to date information on this.

A chance to win free tickets will be promoted by the press and media from time to time. Please note that meet and greet option will not be available with these promotional offers.


Strictly no eating or drinking on the dancefloor at the Highcliffe Club venue.

Finally, all our scheduled acts may be altered or changed without prior warning. More details are available in our Terms & Conditions. 


Management reserve the right to alter terms and conditions at any time.


Some of our images are courtesy of our photographer Gouché and some graphics used on this website are courtesy of ping tree.